Happydayz Marketing

Happydayz Marketing provides high-quality marketing and strategic planning services and implements innovative actions for small and medium sized profit and non-profit organizations. The company aims at high-level satisfaction of clients’ needs, optimizing their corporate image and increasing competitiveness.

Happydayz Marketing (www.happydayz.gr) has been operating in the marketing services sector since 2013.
Until today, Happydayz Marketing has been following and faithfully serving, the following Core Values model:
– Innovation: We are constantly exploring new and intelligent ways of acting. We are quite pleased!
– Commitment: We never start something that we will leave in the middle. We start something and finish it. We are committed to do so!
– Consistency: We support our corporate identity, profile and logo. With the same vigor we support our clients too. They are the “focus” of our activities!
– Trust: We believe in the relationship of trust with our clients. We want to “sell” benefits to meet their needs, and not just intangible services!
– Pleasure: We face the challenges with a smile and a pleasant mood. We are loyal and dedicated to the term happy!

“Clean Seas: Swear to Care” Campaign

Τhe content we created for the “Clean Seas: Swear to Care” Campaign’s social media channels makes the public smile, think, love and share. Our aim is to deepen the relationship the public has with MEDASSET as well as with the marine environment. It is truly satisfying that through Marketing we are able to create moments of enjoyment, amusement, interest and inspiration that penetrate and connect with the public, creating real world value.