In 2016, Sociolus undertook the implementation of the Social Media campaign “Clean Seas: Swear to Care’. The main objective of the campaign was to:

– Increase the campaign’s social media reach and followers
– Establish an interactive presence on social media
– Invite the public to give their promise for their attention to clean beaches and the protection of marine life

Overall, the project was deemed very successful. The campaign started with a single profile on social media, and by the end of the campaign, the number of fans and followers was tripled. Furthermore, the campaign team created material that was seen by 10,000+ people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sociolus was established in 2009 as a start up in London, focusing on the development of an online, social media data analytics platform. Since then, Sociolus has worked successfully with numerous startup accelerators, incubators and marketing agencies in London, such as “We Launch” and “Innovation Warehouse”.

Through its engagement and work with these organizations and with similar companies in the industry, the group gained experience in the wider marketing field, which led it to focus its activities in the area of Digital Marketing.

Sociolus is now focused on certain key elements of digital marketing, such as: branding, web design, search engine optimisation and the development and execution of social media marketing campaigns. In the last four years Sociolus has successfully worked with companies in Greece and abroad. Its growing clientele currently includes companies and organisations from Greece, United Kingdom and United States of America.

In this context, Sociolus has also expanded its activities and work for NGO and not-for-profit organizations and groups, providing consulting and technical services. During 2017 the company is scheduled to work with the following organizations:

TEDxKavala (
Fresh H20 (

The company’s goal through voluntary action is to help spread worthy ideas that aim to change the way we think about the environment and our fellow human beings.