ΤάμταTamta is a well-known singer who is worshipped by her fans both in Greece and abroad. She has been the recipient of countless awards and has worked with important artists and leading commercial companies whose products she has helped to promote. Tamta has a high media profile which she has used to support campaigns such as the founding of the first oncological hospital, breast cancer awareness, and action on violence against women.

Tamta’s singing career began when she was just 6 years old and alongside it she also trained in piano and ballet. She soon achieved recognition through a series of song festivals in her native Georgia and began to be offered leading roles in musical theatre productions. Later she studied both Russian and English literature at the Foreign Languages University of Georgia.

In 2003 Tamta moved to Greece where she took part in the musical reality TV show “Greek Idol”. Her velvety voice enchanted both the judges and the public, winning her not only 2nd place but also a recording contract with EMI. To date she has released four studio albums, nine digital singles and twenty-five music videos. She has been nominated for awards by organisations such as the Mad music awards and the Arion prizes. In 2007 she reached the finals of the competition to select the Greek representative for the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest, and in 2010 she starred in the hit musical, “Rent”. Since 2014 she has been a judge on the Georgian edition of the X-Factor and her popularity in that country has sky-rocketed as a result. Tamta has just announced her first international release. The song is “Unloved”, and it will be available in Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Albania and Sweden as well as Greece and Cyprus.

Tamta adores the seas and beaches of Greece and doesn’t want to see their beauty diminished because of litter. She knows that the plastic bags we unthinkingly use every day are not recycled and often end up in the sea. As it drifts through the water, a plastic bag can look a lot like a jellyfish. Sea turtles count jellyfish as one of their favourite snacks and often eat plastic bags by mistake. Once a bag is swallowed it can cause an intestinal blockage; the turtle feels satisfied as it slowly starves to death.

ΤάμταTamta has made her promise to Clean Seas:

“I promise to stop taking my shopping home in plastic bags and to switch to using fabric ones instead. Will you join me?”